The past few years the digital world has pushed numerous brand collaborations, especially in the world of fashion. Since our new goal is to involve everyone in the CRD lifestyle, we thought that a collaboration with P&Co, our new favorite clothing brand for cafe racer aficionados, was a must. We had been following their Instagram for a while and their ¨The devil is in the detail¨ motto is something we can relate to.

P&Co and Cafe Racer Dreams are both at the top of what they do. We share the same passion for cafe racers, Porsche 911s, travel and of course, coffee. P&CO has been in awe with our artisan, art-like work. They’re incredible love for custom cafe racers and Porsches brought them to us, the pioneers of the new era of custom work. So, a collaboration in the near future has always been something we both had in mind.



This capsule collection is a curated, unique, and cool way of involving both Cafe Racer Dreams and P&Co lovers. We are riders, dream builders, misfits and TROUBLEMAKERS, something we thought defined well our teams and followers. The t-shirts were designed by hand by the talented P&Co team based off of actual photos of a CRD motorcycle shoot. Our slogan ¨Dream Builders¨ is featured in both t-shirts. The Panel Cap reflects our love for motorcycles and California, with a surfboard and palm tree inside the helmet. The emblematic skull is a reminder that we will continue to ride forever. Ride or Die.

The synergy between both teams flowed from the first contact. We designed the collection together via e-mail and phone, and quickly planned two spots to shoot.



Since we were both flying to LA on the same dates, we got to meet the team over there and ride together. We drove a fully-custom air-cooled 911 Porsche outlaw and rode CRD100, the first ever Cafe Racer Dreams bike to be riding in U.S roads.

The next trip was during the summer, where P&Co came over to Spain and spent a few days with us recording the first Episode of their Youtube Series: Caffeine & Gasoline. Carolina, from CRD was interviewed inside our new HQ which features an insight into our world. We show our latest built and explain the history and mission behind Cafe Racer Dreams.


P&CO - Pandco cafe racer - P&co x CRD  - Collab


We picked three rad locations for the shoot; a desert-like spot, a modern office-like building area, and an abandoned railway station. Marina and Dibu, two Spanish riders where the main models. The couple rode CRD109 and CRD85 as the P&CO recorded and shot them riding. We wanted this to be as raw and real as our brands really are.


P&CO - Pandco cafe racer - P&co x CRD  - Collab

The four days spent in Madrid had both teams stoked with one another. We want these three products to reflect our the same feeling we experienced together. Whats next? A trip to Birmingham and maybe, a CRD x P&Co build?….